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Global worldwide activities with meticulous care and deep understanding of unique cultural and legislative features can be performed in house, in at least 7 languages: English, French, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German.




A blank-page, holistic, non-dogmatic, agnostic approach to reverse engineering of your production from the actual needs to the most efficient blueprint. This is realized using our proprietary unification, centralization and tube distribution models. Enabling your lab to perform the needed tests at optimum quality, desired total time to result and best in class costs.



In order to keep focused on a patient-centric approach and needs, we highly recommend engaging the assistance of our Medical and Scientific Support team, ensuring an increased medical value, especially in the following areas:

  • Production support. Build a unique philosophy for your Catalog of Assays (Master Catalog) and provide evidence-based studies to reveal the best practice and most efficient production solution (TCO).

  • Prescribers support. Exchange experience and assist local healthcare community in new tests introduction, and existing tests optimization and interpretation, diseases prognosis and treatment monitoring.

  • Data-driven Healthcare Support.  Big data analytics & science, artificial intelligence algorithms implementation on your historical lab data.



Laboratory specific education modules designed to trigger and/or assist the transformation of private or government Diagnostic laboratories. These modules have been assembled into workshops and seminars, with different adaptative components.

  • Command School for Scientific Managers

  • Production School by specialty Modules

  • Professional School for Biologists and Technicians

  • Lab Efficiency – an introduction to Production School



The cornerstone of the modern lab: coherent list of assays which allows managing your lab efficiently and provides ultimate traceability of medical and technical data between internal and external (outsourcing) departments of the laboratory and prescribers in order to help them in their diagnostic decisions. It works as a basis for RFP (Request for Proposal) and Tender Management, tightly connected with the Production Concept and informatics, and provides precious help with staff education and rotation.




Implementation and development of give-give-, evidence- and value-based approach to a partnership between providers and laboratories. Obtaining the most for your money in accordance with your real needs.



Optimization of your head assets (automation, analytics, etc.)

  • Introduction of automation by means of RFID technology in order to minimize errors and simplify stock management

  • Optimization of delivery routes

  • Centralization of the stock



An assistance in all kinds of informatics assessment, design, introduction and improvements for laboratory business, starting with modern, agile and scalable IT infrastructure design and IT strategy development, all the way to the implementation of any kind of laboratory and medicine software, and the organization of an integrated IT management and support. A transformational approach to the digital lab of the future.




Identification of the existing processes and flows, evaluation of the potential or actual bottlenecks, loops, and trash. Make recommendations for cost savings and other improvements.

BENCHMARKING (internal and external)


Firstly, it gives organizations an understanding of where they stand, what their current status and positioning are, and why. Secondly, it helps to design a well thought-out strategy and derive custom-tailored action plans for each stakeholder to get the desired results.



Assessment of data quality and completeness followed by our recommendations

  • Extraction and collection of data from any laboratory system with subsequent cleaning

  • Design and implementation of a corporate data warehouse

  • Implementation of complete business intelligence package:

    • All kinds of automated scheduled reports

    • Dynamic dashboards and KPI monitoring

    • Big data analytics

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Our methodology provides lab managers with a dynamic, scalable, reproducible, structured approach to the analysis of all direct and indirect costs associated with a specific instrument, test, or location. With or without automation, allowing for comparative, evidence-based decision making to control laboratory costs while still ensuring high-quality test results.



In order to evaluate, quantify, justify and measure changes in all aspects of a lab we built a set of custom designed proprietary lab-specific logic engines. This enables us to perform simulations on existing and proposed solutions using existing full LIS data sets and understand the efficiency potentially generated by each solution before investment and deployment. It also allows our customers to reallocate resources easily, to address evolutions and/or critical situations, using an evidence-based approach. Our standard main simulators:

  • Internal and external logistics

  • Blood Collection Points logistics

  • Production sites

  • Integrated Complete Simulator

We can also design and develop custom-tailored simulators adapted to any laboratory or situation.


In order to guarantee long-lasting efficiency, profitability and success of your restructuring, and/or transformation, we highly recommend adopting one of our Maintenance packages. This includes regular on-site follow-up visits and in-depth interactions with your teams at the selected sites on the ground, and targeting the joint improvement of the selected KPIs, as well as direct progress scorecards and reports. Our maintenance package has a minimum duration of 18 months.


More than tools and custom designed solutions we offer to guarantee your long-lasting success through our maintenance packages enabling your staff to focus on patients and prescribers and us on coaching and/or managing of the transformation effort.

  • Standard Lab Efficiency Package

  • Intellectual Franchise

  • Full Franchise “More Life”

Education program related to the needs of your teams
Assessment and benchmarking, subsequent recommendations
Support in implementation of given tools
Maintenance of Efficiency initiatives and regular remote and/or on-site interactions over a minimum of 18 months
Full Management of Transformation Processes
Our lab brand “More Life”, Medical Affairs publications and all our services
Our management assistance and supervision